Zipgo Support

Q. What is ZipGo?

A. ZipGo offers AC bus rides at affordable prices for daily office commute!

Q. What are the benefits of ZipGo?

A. AC: Enjoy pollution-free travel every day Reserved seating: No one goes standing Cashless: No haggling for change Flexible: Pay per ride or buy a monthly pass Efficient: Track real-time location; save waiting time Clean & spacious: Your daily Joy Ride!

Q. What is ZipGo Wallet?

A. It's an online wallet for using our platform. You can load money by paying through Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking and PayTM. It's available on the ZipGo App.

Q. What is Real Money?

A. Real Money is the money you load in your wallet. It can be added in any denomination and does not expire. Use it to purchase rides, passes & subscription plans. 1 Real money = 1 Rupee.

Q. What are ZipGo Credits?

A. It's the promotional money we hand out to you! Its offered as extra credits on wallet recharge, bonus on referring people, ride refunds and through special offers running periodically. Unless otherwise specified, credits are valid for 30 days. Their usage might be restricted (communicated at the time of booking). 1 Virtual Credit = 1 Rupee.

Q. How do I book a ride?

A. It’s simple! - Download our App on Android/iOS - Register (You get free rides!) - Visit 'Book a Ride' section - Enter your origin and destination on the map (nearest landmark!) - We'll suggest the nearest pickup and drop points - Choose the trip of your choice - Pay & done (Enjoy your ride!) Alternatively, visit the 'Routes' section to select the most suited route and stops (From active ones). Basis your selection, you get a list of trips and timings. Choose, pay and done again. We told you its simple! We accept bookings via ZipGo App only.

Q. How do I pay for my ride?

A. "Recharge ZipGo wallet, and you're good to go! Our rides are cashless & prepaid. Subsidize your fare by buying attractive passes and recharge packs. Visit 'Payment' & 'Passes' section of the App to know more."

Q. Why am I charged GST?

A. The Government of India levies 5% GST (2.5% CGST, 2.5% SGST) on bookings done via our platform. You can view this information on the booking confirmation screen (‘i’ information icon).

Q. How do I find if my ride is booked?

A. We display your booked rides in 'My Rides' section of our App. Information about pickup point, pickup time, bus number, bus location and navigation is available there. For ease of use, we have divided this section into 'Upcoming' and 'Previous' rides. On top of it, we send out detailed SMS updates with each booking (delivery is subject to network strength) to ensure you do not end up missing your ride!

Q. What are those statuses in 'My Rides'?

A. Based on the time of viewing, your booking will be in one of the following statuses: Confirmed: Your booking is confirmed, and a seat is reserved for you. Boarded: You are on-board. Enjoy your ride! Finished: You have completed your ride successfully. Cancelled: Your booking was cancelled and can't be used to board the bus further. Not Boarded: Your booking was no-show and can't be used to board the bus further. RAC: Reservation against cancellation. Explained in detail in 'What is RAC booking?' FAQ.

Q. How do I reach my pickup stop?

A. Our pickup points are virtual stops, displayed to you & your driver on your respective apps (GPS navigation). Once your booking confirms, use our 'stop navigation feature'. It can be accessed by clicking 'Track' in My rides section of the App. Alternately, you can use 'Reach your stop' link sent in the booking SMS. #Protip 1: To help you locate better, stop description and photo is available in 'Track'. #Protip 2: Keep looking around on reaching the pickup point. The bus may halt within 50 meters as sometimes traffic conditions don't allow halt at the exact spot.

Q. How do I board my bus?

A. It's easy! - Reach pickup point before time (explained in How do I reach my pickup point? FAQ) - Our bus will wait for you at the designated point - Flash your booking to the driver and board the bus #Life-hack: Always reach before time. Keep looking around on reaching the pickup point. The bus may halt within 50 meters as sometimes traffic conditions don't allow halt at the exact spot.

Q. How will I know if my bus arrived on my pickup point?

A. We send out an update once the bus starts and when it reaches your spot! Always reach before time. Keep an eye on the tracking screen & an eye out for the bus, once it is near. The bus might have to stop a few meters away because of traffic (+/- 50 metres). #Protip: Use the traffic feature to know on-road congestion. Plan accordingly.

Q. What if my bus is late?

A. We have a high on-time performance thanks to our drivers & riders! Still, heavy traffic may lead to a delay sometimes. You can wait if you have the freedom of time. If not, cancel your ride and get an instant refund of the fare amount. We levy no cancellation fee if the delay is 5 mins or more.

Q. I am unable to see or book trips, whereas my friends can?

A. It could be due to a poor internet connection; please try again by visiting an area with better connectivity. In some cases, it could be due to suspicious activity detected with your account, leading to account being disabled temporarily. Please write to us at, and we will help you get started again.

Q. What if my route or stop isn't available?

A. Sorry if we are not servicing your route, please let us know. We promise to access the demand & inform you whenever we open it! Visit 'Book a Ride' section our app and enter your origin and destination in the map. If there's no matching combination, place a 'Route Request' from the option displayed. Suggest your convenient time; we will try to serve it at the earliest! Alternatively, you can drop us an email at!

Q. Can I modify my booking?

A. We're developing a booking modify feature. It'd be out shortly. In the meantime, we'd request you to cancel your existing booking and create a new one. Read our cancellation fee FAQ to know more.

Q. How can I cancel my ride?

A. It's easy! You can cancel your booking anytime before the bus arrives at your pickup point. Click the 'Cancel' button placed at the bottom of the tracking screen. Done. Basis the time of cancellation, a small fee might be levied.

Q. How is my cancellation fee calculated?

A. It's simple! You won't get charged until the last 2 hours. - Rs.0; if booking is cancelled 2 hours before your pickup time - Rs.29; if booking is cancelled in last 2 hours of your pickup time - Rs.0; if booking is created and cancelled in last 2 hours of your pickup time (Do this!) - Rs.0; if the bus is delayed by 5 mins or more #Note: Applicable to all bookings (cash, credit, pass, discount pack)

Q. Why am I charged cancellation fee?

A. We might charge a nominal fee to ensure: - Users who do not wish to travel cancel well in advance, thereby vacating seats for other travellers - Minimise loss incurred by our driver partner due to last moment cancellations

Q. What is RAC booking?

A. RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) is a feature that allows you to place a booking request in a sold-out trip. Your booking will turn 'Confirmed' if a seat gets available before waiting 'Time limit' suggested by you.

Q. How can I place a RAC booking?

A. Select the sold-out trip of your convenience. Specify Time Limit. Pay full amount and confirm your request. - If a seat is available before time limit you specify, RAC will be confirmed. Enjoy your ride! - If a seat remains unavailable, RAC will cancel. Full fare is refunded instantly. We regret (try next trip!) #Note: You can't use cancelled RAC bookings to board ZipGo bus.

Q. What is the cancellation charge of RAC request?

A. It's free! You can cancel your RAC request anytime and get a complete refund instantly. Bookings cancelled after confirmation might be charged a small fee, as per our cancellation policy.

Q. I am running late. Can I board from a different stop?

A. Sorry! We can't help you in this matter. Legally, we aren't allowed to do that. If you're running late, we'd suggest you modify/cancel/re-book to suit your needs.

Q. Can I get down on a different stop?

A. Yes, you can if it's within your booked journey. Connect with your driver to make a halt at a feasible location.

Q. I missed my bus. Can I board from next stop using my booking?

A. We're sorry to hear that, but we can't let you board from a different stop. We are legally not allowed to do that. We'd suggest you make a new booking immediately to avoid missing the next bus. Simultaneously, raise the issue to us. We promise to hear you out! If our driver partner is at fault, we'd be happy to make a refund as per our generous policy.

Q. Driver missed me. Can I board from next stop using my booking?

A. We're sorry to hear that, but we can't let you board from a different stop. We are legally not allowed to do that. We'd suggest you make a new booking immediately to avoid missing the next bus. Simultaneously, raise the issue to us. We promise to hear you out! If our driver partner is at fault, we'd be happy to make a refund as per our generous policy.

Q. What happens to my money if I miss my bus?

A. Being a shared mode, we can wait for a short time at your designated stop. We'd expect you to arrive on pickup point before time. In the event of No-Show, your booking turns invalid for further travel. We'll be unable to refund your money in these cases. To minimise such cases, we send out regular updates wrt bus location, and we'd expect you to track your bus also.

Q. What happens to my money if my driver missed me?

A. Oh! We're sorry to hear that your driver missed you. We take all possible steps to ensure this is not the case. Please raise the issue to us, and we promise to hear you out! We'd refund 150% of the amount if our internal systems validate it. #Protip: Make a new booking immediately to avoid missing the next bus. Simultaneously raise the issue to us at: & we'll get our engines firing to help you out at the earliest.

Q. Why did ZipGo cancel my booking?

A. Oh! We're sorry. In our effort to maintain quality, we do take a few buses off-road temporarily. In other cases, an unexpected bus breakdown may lead to this event. We do take precautions & inform you as soon as we can. Still, as a goodwill gesture: - We'll refund 100% of the fare if we cancel 30 mins before your pickup time - We'll refund 150% of the fare if we cancel in last 30 minutes - We'll refund 150% of the fare if the bus breaks down mid-journey Thanks for understanding!

Q. What if my AC is not working? Or I face any other bus quality issue?

A. We audit every bus to ensure it is fit-to-ply before offering it to you. Still, if you face issues, write to us on We promise to take corrective steps. As a goodwill gesture, we'd be happy to refund 25% of the fare amount if our internal systems validate the issue.

Q. Where will I get ride refunds?

A. We process refund against rides in the same proportion of real money & credits as paid. Extra refunds will be in credit wallet. Example, you booked a ride worth Rs.100 by paying Rs.70 from real and Rs.30 from virtual. In case, you are eligible for 150% refund, we will refund Rs.70 in real & Rs.30 in the virtual wallet. Rs.50 extra refund would be credited to your virtual wallet. Refunds reflect within 48 hours of highlighting to us.

Q. My money was debited from my source account but isn't reflecting in ZipGo wallet yet. Why?

A. Online transactions can sometimes face a delay in getting credited to your wallet. It might be the result of a technical snag at the payment gateway, or the bank, an internet disruption or a combination of multiple factors. A successful transaction will be credited to your ZipGo wallet within 24 hrs, whereas failed transaction will be refunded back to your source within a week.

Q. How can I get my wallet balance back in my bank account?

A. It's sad to see you go! Still, if you wish to get your money back in your bank a/c, pls write to us at and we would do it. Please note, only real money balance can be transferred back.

Q. What is ZipGo Referral policy?

A. You can earn money by sharing our app with your friends, colleagues, relatives, and every person you think can use us. We'll add credits to your wallet as soon as your invitee complete a ride with us. To know about the latest referral offer, visit 'Share & Earn' section on our App. #Protip: To make maximum out of this, share your referral code in your office groups. You'll get the best returns there.

Q. How many friends can I refer?

A. Sky is the limit! You can refer as many friends, colleagues, relatives, and every person that you think can use our service. You'll get your referral bonus when your referees complete their first ride. #Word of caution: Please don't refer yourself or breach the referral policy in any way. Our system detects it at the blink of an eye, wipes out all the acquired credits & debar the account from getting any future promotions. Thanks for understanding!

Q. How does referral help me beyond money?

A. Good question! One, more people using our system implies we'll have more buses on your route. (Who doesn't want that flexibility with early meetings and last min extra work!) Two, more people on your timing implies we'll deploy bigger buses (We all know they are much more comfortable!). Three, the economy of scale implies, and our cost will come down (We'll pass on that benefit to you as lower fares) In a nutshell, more people translates to better flexibility, extra comfort and lower fares for everyone.

Q. I referred my friend but I haven't received any credits?

A. There could be multiple reasons for this: - Your invited friend hasn't completed a ride yet - You have used the same phone for creating multiple accounts, in which case, neither you nor your friend gets credited - Your friend had used incorrect referral code or no code while signing up

Q. What is ZipGo Pass?

A. The pass allows you to get a bulk discount by purchasing bulk rides. These are available in many denominations and are generally valid for a month. Visit 'Passes' section on the App to know more.

Q. What is ZipGo Corporate pass?

A. Our corporate pass allows you to enjoy hassle-free rides to your office with your employer reimbursing a part of your fare. Connect us to your admin team if you wish us to be your official travel partner.

Q. How can I avail discounts?

A. We believe in making every Rupee count! We have introduced 'Recharge Packs' & 'Passes' which subsidise your fare through discounts. They come in many denominations so that you buy the one that fits best! Visit 'Payment' section of our App to know more.

Q. How does ZipGo ensure my safety?

A. We're putting our best effort to ensure your safety. - Our driver partners are police verified & trained - We monitor all trips real-time - 'Share journey' feature to ensure your trusted people can track your location - 'Call SOS' feature to connect with state helpline team in emergency situations - Customer support team to help you out in any undesirable event We take all complaints very seriously. Please get in touch immediately if you face any issues. We are at your disposal.

Q. How can I get an invoice for my ride?

A. - Go to 'My Rides', slide to 'Past bookings' - Tap on 'Invoice' button - Invoice will be e-mailed to your registered e-mail id - Incase you need a consolidated monthly invoice, write to us at